I have an IPv6 enabled website and I am beta testing v1.50rc2. I am attempting to setup Website Payment Pro which I am not using on my production site. I have things setup the way I think they should be to use Paypal Sandbox. I have been getting the following error when trying to complete payment.

Zen Cart message: 10747 [] Invalid Data - This transaction cannot be processed.

This Paypal error translates to "The merchant entered an IP address that was in an invalid format. The IP address must be in a format such as 123.456.123.456."

Looking at the debug logs from the Paypal module the IP address that is sent is as follows: [IPADDRESS] => 200147016321835143 which corresponds to my client IPv6 address (in decimal format maybe) Any way we can force Zencart to send the IPv4 address without disabling IPv6 all together. I realize the client PC isn`t connecting via IPv4 so Zencart is probably not aware of an IPv4 address. Also, that IP Address isn`t in correct IPv6 format, is that something that needs to be corrected in the Zencart module╔

Or do I just have to bite the bullett and turn off IPv6.