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    help question MySQl and product table help

    Hello all
    I am a new to zen cart so if I've overlooked this information in my search, please excuse me.
    I have Zen-Cart 1.3.9h downloaded, installed, and running fine. Zen-Cart is running under php 5.2.17.
    I have all my products loaded into a custom MySQl table on my local machine. From my searches I'm sure that my local table has all the information I need to populate Zen Cart's tables, but I don't know the relationship of the Zen Cart tables and what is required in order to have a successful product loaded into Zen Cart. I have added 9 or 10 products to Zen Cart manually so I "kinda" know what it's doing in that area.
    So does anyone know what the sql statements would be to populate a successful product into zen cart? Or maybe the min tables that I would have to insert data into?

    PS I have tried to get easy populate to work by following the instruction and looking at the WiKi documentations but every time I try to run a complete download. it kicked be completely out of the admin section back to a login screen. I was using version of that software.

    Any help or pointing in the right direction would be vastly appreciated.

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    Default Re: MySQl and product table help

    OK how about any clues where to look for those answers?



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