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    red flag No Record of Customer Orders

    Not only am I not getting an email with customers' order confirmations, there is no record of their orders in their accounts (or anywhere else for that matter). The only way I know if someone has ordered an item is if I get a PayPal receipt, and that doesn't contain item information- just the payment.

    Also, items that have been ordered are not being deleted from my inventory. My zen cart is allowing payments for items that it's not selling.

    Does anyone have a solution for this problem?



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    Default Re: No Record of Customer Orders

    Assuming you're using Paypal IPN, removing that and installing the much more reliable Paypal Express should fix all those problems.

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    Default Re: No Record of Customer Orders

    Thanks. I'm trying that now. I'll let you know if it works- will take some time.

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    Hi Hannah -
    Had the same issue start last week. Had been running fine for years. Only orders that would process correctly in zencart were those thru paypal account. Customers that used creditcard through paypal shopping cart had order completion through paypal, details of items purchased on paypal receipt, but their orders never showed in zencart. Their customer details were retained in zencart though. Called paypal support. They recommended paypal express. Took all of 10 minutes to uninstall Paypal Standard, generate API signature on paypal site, install paypal express. Works great, we are back in business and thankfully functioning fine. Best of luck. D

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    I believe it worked! Installing PayPal Express seems to have solved the problem. Thank-you all for your help!



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