I have responsibility for a site with a working ZEN CART which I have been supporting for a few years. Although I did not do the initial install and configuration of the software nor creation of the initial set of items, I have not had any problem with adding new items and removing old ones.

Recently I have been thrown a curve ball by a request to create a new batches of items which are to be isolated from the current set of items.

I assume that the simplest method of doing this is to clone my current zencart directory, create a new MySQL Database, populate it from my current one via an export and import run, and then open the new database and hide the original items and create the new ones (like I have been doing all along).

If this is the correct method, what I need help with is some hand holding on what I need to change/update in the cloned directory to point at the new database in lieu of the current one.

OTOH, if there is a way to use the current database and somehow when I access it automatically select which set of items are to be displayed, then I would like instructions on how to do that.

I lean towards the separate database method since it is looking like I am going to end up with 4 sets of items. Thus I want to have a solution where depending on which link I use to access the cart I get only the correct set of items.

Thank You for any assistance I can be provided to achieve this goal.