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    I've now succesfully created a slider for the width of a decal (and then outputted a height for the customer to see) I've also now built a colour/texture/vinyl type menu which I'm quite happy with!

    Just need to tidy up the code and get it to play nice with the dynamic price updater mod and then it should be ready to go online.

    As soon as I've done that I'll update this thread with the code!

    Thanks Nick, I definitely needed your guidance to set me off in the right direction!

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    Default Re: Attribute Slider

    Sounds good, I'm looking forward to seeing the completed code.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snave View Post
    That worked an absolute treat! The slider is all set up and working perfectly! Huge huge thanks for your help!

    Now on to the colour selectors!
    Are you able to post step by step how you did the slider? That's exactly what I was hoping to do instead of a drop down menu.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Attribute Slider

    Yes, please post this how you did it I would love to have some sliders on my page.


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