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    red flag New Signup Customer Coupon.

    Hi all,

    I hope someone can help me, i am using v 1.3.9h and we have a coupon code going to new customers who sign up. But heres the thing they are unable to us ethe code as it is telling them they have already used it. (This Coupon could only be used 1 teimes).

    Anyone got any ideas, i can tell you we did test this and all worked fine. I have used different email adresses to creat the account swith also.

    Any help advice welcome.

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    Default Re: New Signup Customer Coupon.

    Problem solved it was an issue with the number of uses, this was set to 1.

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    Default Re: New Signup Customer Coupon.

    Thanks for the update that you have fixed this and for posting the problem and solution to it ...
    Linda McGrath
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