Apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere. I have had a look and can't find it.

Do product types work with admin profiles?

Here's what I did.

1. Create a custom product type as normal.
2. Realise that a user other than superuser can't edit that product type because product_custom.php is no registered as an admin page.
3. So, I thought I'd just make an admin page for it ( as there is one for product.php)
4. That was fine.
5. But when I try and check/uncheck it in an admin profile it has no effect.
6. When I enter the row into the admin_pages_to_profiles table then the user can use the custom product. So it all works fine except the checking and uncheckng of that particular page but relies on putting the row in by hand.

However, I went back and see that the same thing happens if I use, for example, product_music.

Once again is there something I am missing?