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    Default Difference between Refund and Voiding Authorization?

    I'm just now testing actual orders (test ones by me, not live yet) and I see there is an option to do a full or partial refund, and there is also something called "Voiding Order Authorizations"... what is the difference?

    And I read in another (closed) thread that the "enter auth ID" is actually the "TransID" from the original order (from PayPal)... is that true?

    Which should I use or are they for different situations? If so, what situation uses what method?

    Thanks, a little bit confused here...

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    Default Re: Difference between Refund and Voiding Authorization?

    Void is for voiding an Authorization. And that's only relevant when you're using Authorize-Only mode. When you've got the module set in Final Sale mode it does both an Authorization and Capture at the same time, so you can't void the authorization once it's been captured.
    A VOID is not used for Refunding a captured transaction. Once payment has been captured it can only be refunded, not voided.

    Explanation of concepts of merchant account transaction handling can be found in many online encyclopedias.

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