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    Default Testing on PHP 5.2

    Zen 1.5 Requires PHP version 5.3 to run. My hosting provider is in the process of upgrading from 5.2 to 5.3, but is still 30-60 days out. In the mean time I'd like to begin transferring my site over and do testing so that when my host flips the switch, I can do so as well. Zen 1.5 does not let you install if you are running php 5.2

    I have installed zen 1.5 in a test environment (different server) and is up and running. I've copied that site back to my production server (not live) and done testing it under php 5.2 as and far as I can tell, all works fine. I don't plan on making this live until my host makes the official switch, but I would prefer to do all my testing on the same server that it will live on as this is on a cloud hosting provider and hosting is handled a bit differently than standard shared hosting.

    So to the point, what errors or missing functionality will i experience running on 5.2 versus 5.3. Once again, this is for testing only, not production.

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    Default Re: Testing on PHP 5.2

    Quote Originally Posted by nightdesigns View Post
    Zen 1.5 Requires PHP version 5.3 to run.
    Duuno where you got your info from, but you are mistaken..

    Minimum Requirements
    Zen CartŪ v1.5.0 requires a minimum of the following:
    • PHP 5.2.14 or higher
    • MySQL 4.1.3 or higher
    • Apache 2.0 or higher.
    • Apache configured with AllowOverride set to either 'All' or at least both 'Limit' and 'Indexes' parameters, and preferably the 'Options' parameter as well.
    • PHP configured to support CURL with OpenSSL

    While Zen CartŪ can run on Windows/IIS servers, Linux/Apache servers are recommended for best results, superior performance, and easier use by shopowners.
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    Default Re: Testing on PHP 5.2

    I have 1.50 installed at my sandbox running 5.2.17. Works like a champ.
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    Default Re: Testing on PHP 5.2

    Sorry, I misspoke. I'm running 5.2.13, but 5.2.14 is required. My host is upgrading to 5.3 in the near future.

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    Default Re: Testing on PHP 5.2

    If you are on a shared server they should have their server up to date, at least all the good host already provide newest version of software.

    If you are on a dedicated server and they are giving you hard time to update your server which is usually the case because it is not that easy to update the software on a server, you should keep trying because they have to provide you with the software version you need especially a stable version of php such as the 5.3, which will also require upgrading the myphpadmin.

    You can tell them, they can update the server and still allow their customer who wish to continue using lower version of php to do so using Apache handler in htaccess.



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