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    Default database chinese encoding?


    I am trying to enter simplified chinese into the zencart database (e.g, category/product description) but it displayed with ??? (question marks).

    I know it's to do with encoding and database charset, but please tell me in detail how to configure properly.

    *Sorry if this post is repetition, but i couldn't find the thread with the guide.


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    Default Re: database chinese encoding?

    I have got the same problem. I have installed the chinese language pack and changed all php files to utf8, also my data base is utf8_general_ci

    My website and admin panel can display chinese language properly. But when I try to entry chinese into heading or product discription. it shows ????. I can even see chinese in preview. but after update it change to ?????.

    Need help please.

    My site is

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    Default Re: database chinese encoding?

    Hi Skyoo8,

    I've got the same problem but I visited your site and found you've solved this. Would you mind share the steps here? Thank you very much!



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