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    Default Pricing question

    I am new to Zen Cart. Well, pretty green, actually. My webmaster unleashed our new site to us last night and I am working on setting up my products. I've looked and can't find a neat way to do this, so thought I'd ask here.

    I have paper products that sell for $10, but if you buy three, it's $25. Similarly, another set of products are priced at $5, but buy 5 and it's $20.

    Anything in the paper category that is $10 applies towards the 3 for $25 deal. Buy 4 and it's $25 + $10, emphasis on buying in units of 3. For the $5 items, 6 would be $20 + $5. Again, no discount for the extra unit, unless you buy another "5 pack".

    Can Zen Cart handle this type of pricing structure? I want my customer to select designs A, B, 2 of C, and D of the $5 items and have the cart calculate $20. Similarly, designs X, Y, and Z of the $10 items and have it calculate $25.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Default Re: Pricing question

    Look at this first:

    swguy is the 'Duke of Discounts' so you might check his website, too.

    It's possible you may have to adjust your desired discount scheme to adapt to what's doable in Zencart, or pay someone to write a mod.



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