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    Default local host - how do I set up a copy of my site on xampp?

    I recently downloaded xampp 1.7.7 and would like to edit the look of my existing site instead of doing it while it is live.
    My question: is there a tutorial on exactly how I need to get my site configured to xampp.
    I have the ebook but cannot figure out how do get my site working on xampp.
    I also tried to find the answer on this forum and viewed numerous videos on the net.
    I have NO experience with working on a local server.
    Thanks for any advice in advance.

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    Default Re: local host - how do I set up a copy of my site on xampp?

    download a fresh copy zen cart. Place in httpdocs or if that version uses www folder. set up your database by loging into localhost/phpmyadmin.

    Run the zen cart installer. localhost/name of zen cart install in your browser

    download a copy of your live site template and add your template to the template folder. Log into admin and set your template

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    Default Re: local host - how do I set up a copy of my site on xampp?

    For Xampp, there are several threads about the topic of using xampp, and all kinds of articles online elsewhere about running your own local server.

    As for copying Zen Cart:

    Just remember: You can change template/language PHP files and template images on your local server, and copy them to your live server via FTP. BUT you can't push your database changes to your live site directly. Anything you change in your local admin must be done again manually in your live admin when it comes time for them to be needed there. Similarly, any SQL scripts you run locally must be run manually on the live server for them to be available on the live server.

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