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    Default Re: Error on use - PayPal Express Checkout

    RodG, a little more honey next time please.

    Orbit Storm, sorry to hear that you feel you've been disrespected. As far as the advice about whether or not to use GoDaddy, those of us who have seen and helped hundreds and hundreds of people who are complaining about slow server speed, poor customer service, and nonfunctional stores ... while hosted on GoDaddy hosting, know all too well that there are indeed many significant problems with GoDaddy hosting. While your experience thus far may appear stellar, that may not last, at least if my own experience and subsequent observations are any indication. However, that said, I hope your experience with GD's hosting service actually does meet your store's needs. Just be careful that when your store grows and slows down because thousands of other stores are added to the same server you're on (they're not there now, so your server isn't so loaded up to be as slow), that you don't fall for their up-sell to their overpriced dedicated or vps or cloud services without first checking other much better services which are priced far better than what GD will offer you ... even though today you think they're overpriced compared to what you're using at GD today.

    As far as GoDaddy fixing what they've broken in their Zen Cart installs, I've been in dialog with them for 18+ months trying to get them to improve things. But as YOUR experience indicates, it doesn't matter how much I ask them to fix things, and even tell them exactly how, they still can't get it right. Maybe you have more influence as a new storeowner, and can get them to actually fix it so that we can all stop having to even have any of this discussion in the first place. I'd like that very much.

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    Default Re: Error on use - PayPal Express Checkout

    Quote Originally Posted by DrByte View Post
    RodG, a little more honey next time please.
    Wow. I thought this conversation ended 2 weeks ago.

    I'm kinda surprised you took Orbit Storms' latest bait. I was more than happy to let him have the last word, even though it was obvious he missed many of the key points in your excellent explanation as to the cURL/GD issues.

    Needless to say, I agree with your latest comments too, but I will point out (if Orbit Storm is still reading) that this isn't a ZenCart vs GoDaddy situation, its pretty much an any eCommerce system vs GoDaddy. I see the exact complaints over and over again regardless of the shopping cart system (and other CMS's) being used.

    Alas, experience is apparently the only way that Orbit Storm is going to learn this lesson.


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    Default Re: Error on use - PayPal Express Checkout

    After reading alllll the messages you guys posted, lol...I am hoping this info will prevent me from anymore headaches with this application. I am a ZenCart newbie (and a GoDaddy hostee). All of these php files and crazy hierachy have been overwheling! Getting ready to load some products and test the shopping cart functions, hope this patch will clear up any problems I 'might' have there. . .thanks for posting guys.



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