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    Default Admin Config File Missing in Upgrade

    I have been trying to upgrade my site from an old version to the 1.5 current version.

    The upgrade appears to work from the front end, but I cannot view the admin side. I continually get this screen:

    Hello. Thank you for loading Zen Cart«.

    You are seeing this page for one or more reasons:

    This is your first time using Zen Cart« and you haven't yet completed the normal Installation procedure.
    If this is the case for you, you will need to upload the "zc_install" folder using your FTP program, and then run zc_install/index.php via your browser (or reload this page to see a link to it).

    Your /includes/configure.php and/or /admin/includes/configure.php file contains invalid path information and/or invalid database-connection information.
    If you recently edited your configure.php files for any reason, or maybe moved your site to a different folder or different server, then you'll need to review and update all your settings to the correct values for your server.
    See the Online FAQ and Tutorials area on the Zen Cart« website for assistance.

    In looking at the admin/includes/configure.php file, it is blank for some reason. And it was blank on the download I received of 1.5. Can someone share with me what it should look like?

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    Default Re: Admin Config File Missing in Upgrade

    Quote Originally Posted by kloop1054 View Post
    And it was blank on the download I received of 1.5.
    Um, no it wasn't.
    There's no such file in any official distribution of Zen Cart.
    The file's contents are generated automatically by the installer, which can only do its job properly if the file has been previously created by yourself and its permissions set so the file is writable by the webserver/php engine.
    That's all explained in the installation instructions and the official Implementation Guide, which you'll find in the /docs/ folder of the Zen Cart files you downloaded.

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    Default Re: Admin Config File Missing in Upgrade

    Thanks--I hadn't seen the guide. I'll check out the guide if I decide to work on it some more. I was able to move my site to a different set up for now.



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