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    red flag Re: Estorenow template help

    i also have a proble, which might be related to then 'frames' you talk about, so hope you can help.

    i have done the usual css 100% width thing, to no avail.

    any suggestions on what i need to do to remove these frames? if that is what is causing it.

    website is

    also have one other problem, which is the colour of the text when calling up the 'estimate shipping, and for any of the dropdown options for attributes inside each product. text appears white against a white background? can i change text colour.

    and last problem is that the categories section does not seem to expand to show sub categories???

    any help really is appreciated


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    Default Re: Estorenow template help

    Your site is not contained in a frame.

    I don't see any subcategories.

    You could add this to the stylesheet:

    .wrapperAttribsOptions option {background-color: #21303c;}

    I can't see what id or class controls the shipping estimator text.

    Your site is extremely slow here this morning.

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    Default Re: Estorenow template help

    mate u lost me after the pointer thing any chance of catching you online and maybe get talked through it? :)


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