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    Default Can I Use Coupon Codes Without It Actually Discounting Anything?

    Hello forum members,

    On my shopping cart I have 60% discount on the shipping weight over 150 lbs that I give to the customers on checkout. They don't see it, but they get it due to me paying to have a shipping mod created that uses YRC (formally YellowFreight). It works great.

    At the same time I have business cards made that have 10 digit codes, and I'm wanting it to work so when someone purchases and uses the code on the card, not only will they get the discount shipping (over 150 lbs), but I'll know which person is responsible for the sale.

    My question is... can a customer put in a coupon code, yet the cart not actually do anything (because they're already getting a shipping discount) but I'll know who got the sale from the code used?

    Because the shopping cart already has a shipping calculator that can be used before they actually order, the discount is already in the shipping quote they see right then and there.

    I want the customer to have an incentive to use the code so that I know who got the sale for me. Even if they don't use the code, they get the discount, but I want to pay the people I created cards for and input the codes in them.

    I hope this makes sense to you.



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    Default Re: Can I Use Coupon Codes Without It Actually Discounting Anything?

    Yes, it can be done. I had this same issue in which I wanted to provide a free product with a coupon code, but I didn't want it to deduct anything from the total sales. Set the coupon amount to 0.001. That's 1/10th the value of a penny. The cart will round it off to $0.00. It works just fine.



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