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    Default Express Checkout Shortcut Button

    When I choose "Express Checkout Shortcut Button" on, The Express Checkout Shortcut button shows up even before user login, then the shipping price couldn't be included in the total price, which is not OK.

    Since "Express Checkout Shortcut Button has been shown to increase sales and conversions when enabled." I want to turn on this feature, at the same time, I need the shipping price to be included, how to fix it?

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    Default Re: Express Checkout Shortcut Button

    Unfortunately, you've hit one of the side-effects of the shortcut button. To know how to calculate shipping, in most cases, you need to know the shipping address and since the customer has not signed in you don't know it!

    I've seen some posts from people that cover this case with instructions to the customer to let them know what is going to happen if they head down that path in checkout (i.e. they'll come back to your site once they've entered their information so that they can see what the shipping charges are).



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