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    Default database table project version not found after moving to new GoDaddy server

    i moved zencart from shared hosting to a virtual dedicated server (godaddy) and after restoring the database multiple times usung 2 diferent backups as well as 3 fresh databases (and restoring by ssh as well as bigdump) i get the below error when accessing admin page
    i verified the tables exist in the database too

    1146 Table 'sho1115207160150.project_version' doesn't exist
    [select * from project_version WHERE project_version_key = 'Zen-Cart Database' ]
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    Default Re: database table project version not found after moving to new GoDaddy server

    The error message means exactly what it says: the table named "project_version" doesn't exist in the "sho1115207160150" database.

    So, either you've given it the wrong database, or you've configured it to use a different DB_PREFIX than what your old database was using.

    If you follow the instructions on moving between servers, those kinds of issues are averted:

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