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    Default Muti installations

    Hi All

    Just started looking at the Zen Cart. It looks brill. Well done all. Quick question. Is it possible to install more than one site on a windows server. So for example: have one site with a domain name "" and another with a domain name "". Thereby being able to sell different items.

    Many thanks

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    Default Re: Muti installations

    Zencart can work on a windoze server, but its far more comfortable on apache/linux .

    just how many "domains" you wish to host on a server (windoze or otherwise) has nothing to do with zencart and is a matter for your hosting provider.

    You should consider opening a WHM account with a reliable host (terranetwork springs to mind), and you can then host several sites on a server that you can 100% trust as being reliable and properly maintained.
    We host with Terranetwork.



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