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    Default Shipping options for custom module

    I've posted about this question in Stack Overflow but figure I'll try here as well.

    A client has a custom shipping module. They're on 1.5 (I upgraded them earlier this year) but the module was pulled up from their 1.3.x installation. Recently they asked me to set up their shipping to offer one set of options for USA orders, and a different (smaller) set for outside-USA orders. I opted to approach this by:

    • Cloning the existing custom module
    • Making both the original module and the clone zone-aware (they had not previously been)
    • Applying the USA zone to the original module and creating a non-USA zone for the international module

    The zone-aware part worked fine, but now both modules show only the one shipping option offered for the international module. (N.B. due to some copy-paste issues it's a different price on each module, so I know it's using the correct module.) In the administrative interface, this module has four shipping options checked. Here's the relevant database entries:

    mysql> select configuration_value, configuration_key from configuration where configuration_key LIKE 'MODULE_SHIPPING_%_TYPES';
    | configuration_value   | configuration_key                      |
    | 0                     | MODULE_SHIPPING_TFN_INT_SHIPPING_TYPES | 
    | STD                   | MODULE_SHIPPING_TFN_INT_TYPES          | 
    | 0                     | MODULE_SHIPPING_TFN_SHIPPING_TYPES     | 
    4 rows in set (0.00 sec)
    Those zeroes look suspicious to me but changing them (e.g. to 1) didn't change anything on the site.

    Any ideas?

    ETA: I should add a link to the site:
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