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    Default After Upgrade Customers Have Issues Signing In

    Just recently I updated our Zencart to the latest version, it was long overdue as the website hadn't been updated for around 5 years.

    Everything else is working fine except I've had a lot of issues with customers not being able to log in to the website, through tests I have found this is most frequent while using Google Chrome.

    Customer's get the message "There was a security error while trying to log in."

    I have searched through and through about this problem and I can't seem to find a solution anywhere. I've also tried the remedy at

    My cart is

    Any help would be much appriciated!

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    Default Re: After Upgrade Customers Have Issues Signing In

    You appear to have issues with your SEO/re-writes ...

    If you mouse over the Home link or Login link you can see this ...

    Also, on secure pages, you have issues with the image for:

    This is throwing errors ...

    What happens if you turn off the SEO/re-writes and fix this image?
    Linda McGrath
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