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    Default Central Sales Tax 2% against C form India wholesale distributors

    I currently use v1.3.9h. In India, inter-state sales tax is called Central Sales Tax (CST) which is usually 4% or 5% on retail sales. But, for wholesale distributors / dealers, it is just 2% and the dealer has to provide a tax declaration form called Form C obtained from Tax Authorities.

    My requirement is to charge 5% for the retail customers on inter-state sales and charge only 2% for the wholesale dealers who provide C form.

    I created 2 tax rates (5% and 2%) for the same tax zones (outside my home state). The taxes are getting compounded instead... i.e. the customers are charged 5+2 = 7%..!!

    I also have group pricing enabled for wholesale distributors. I want the customers marked as distributors to automatically be charged at 2% while others at 5%.

    I searched forums extensively, but could not find any addons suitable for my requirement.

    Any help please...
    Gopinath Goswami

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    Default Re: Central Sales Tax 2% against C form India wholesale distributors

    Perhaps you might try the Tax Exempt addon as a base from which to work.

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