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    Default USPS Module Install Instructions?

    I'm really confused...

    I just did a fresh install of v1.50 and now I need to install a USPS module. I downloaded this:

    But it seems to be only an upgrade, not the entire USPS module? The install.txt also seems to assume you are upgrading a previous USPS module - but in v1.50 I haven't got a USPS module??

    How do I do a fresh install of a USPS module on v1.50?

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    Default Re: USPS Module Install Instructions

    Sorry - I meant "readme.txt" not install.txt

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    Default Re: USPS Module Install Instructions

    Given that it's basically the same as any other shipping module you might download, and indeed much like any other addon at all, you would simply:

    - unzip the zip file (by default it should expand itself into several subfolders; if it doesn't, then you need to tell your unzip program to do that)
    - follow the instructions in the included install/readme/whatever instructions file, which will normally tell you to upload the files to the server
    -- and, as with pretty much any addon, you simply match up the folders you unzipped to the folders on your server, and use your FTP program to upload those files to the corresponding destinations

    In case you can't follow that concept for whatever reason, consider this:

    Your webserver has an /includes/modules/shipping/ folder, and the zip file you downloaded has an /includes/modules/shipping/usps.php file ... so you would upload that file accordingly.
    And, your webserver also has an /includes/languages/english/modules/shipping/ folder, and your unzipped stuff contains an /includes/languages/english/modules/shipping/usps.php file ... so ... you would upload that to the corresponding place too.
    You don't need to upload the readme/install.txt/instructions file, because it's not needed on the server.

    Is there anything non-intuitive or non-logical here that needs further clarification?

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    Default Re: USPS Module Install Instructions?

    I think what confused me was the instructions:

    USPS RateV3 January 22, 2012
    To install this code
    1 go to your Zen Cart Admin to the Modules ... Shipping ...
    2 Click on USPS and edit then save all your settings to NotePad as they will be lost
    3 Click REMOVE to uninstall the current version of USPS
    4 Load the new files with your FTP program they go in the same directories so you can copy the directory
    to your server and overwrite the old files
    5 Go to your Zen Cart Admin and to the Modules ... Shipping ... 
    6 Click on USPS shipping modules and click INSTALL
    7 Configure your USPS shipping module
    NOTE: this shipping module cannot work until USPS has updated their server with the new rates.
    This should be done on January 22, 2012
    The reference to "old files" made me second guess myself. OK, I'll just go for it and put the folders up there. Thanks!



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