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    Default Looking for a way to let our customers showcase their projects on our website

    We are looking to have an area where customers can submit their projects and company info for us to showcase their projects on our website.

    I have been playing with PDF forms, HTML/PHP froms, and am having a hard time getting the data come to me the way I want it to.

    Does ZenCart have any features that can be used/modified to do this?

    Looking for a form for customers to fill out similar to this....
    - Business Name
    - Contact Info (Name, Address, Phone, etc).
    - Description of project and company services.
    - "File Upload Button" for them to submit a single image
    - "Submit Form Button" to email this info to me

    One of main problems I have come across is everything I have tested will not actually ATTACH the image. I was able to get all other info, just not the attached image.

    Wondering if ZenCart has something I can use to do this. I did play around with the attributes, but my boss wants me to stay away from that. OTHER SUGGESTIONS?????????
    Kerrie Mallory-Thompson

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    Default Re: Is an "Upload File Form" possible in ZenCart?

    While it is possible to create custom forms that save data to the ZC database, doing this is quite detailed, and for some people, quite difficult.

    we had the same issue with several sites, where specific info needs to be collected, including FILE UPLOADS (an image is a file upload, as is a Word Doc, a PDF, or any other "digital" file that can be sent over the wires.)

    We looked around for a STAND-ALONE form submission system, that we could "embed" into a zencart page, and found a really nice and extremely easy FORM BUILDER program that even a chimpanzee can configure (that meant I should not struggle )

    MachForm by Appnitro.

    See it in action HERE. (This is a zencart site, configured to be a showcase site)

    The form you see is NOT part of zencart, but appears on the page through an <iframe>. It has the UPLOAD FILE feature you are after.

    You create your form in Appnitro MachForrm, then the system generates an <embed code> (like youtube does if you want ot embed a video on a website).

    we then create an EZPage in zencart and embed the <iframe> into that page's source code.

    PM me if you need help...
    We host with Terranetwork.



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