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    help question problem


    I have setup the module and that part works fine in test mode. I get email from them that payment was aproved.

    Problem is at checkout it takes me to site and processes payment and I get a payment notice from them. However I get no orders in my admin panel or any email (which is set) Also placing the order as customer I get no email recipt and in my account as customer it does not show any orders.
    Any idea what is wrong????

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    Default Re: problem

    Which module are you using AIM/SIM/eCheck?
    Did you set it up according to the instructions?
    Are you being returned to your store after payment is taken? Or just left on the authnet website?
    What other addons are on your site?
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    Default Re: problem

    Hey Doc,

    I was using the SIM but caused all kinds of problems. I used the AIM version but had to get rid of my cache as the module would not show up to install and I had it configured with a shared SSL but once I cleared that I was able to install the AIM module and everything works fine and does what it is suppose to with




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