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    Default Problems with Zone Rates shipping module

    First of all, excuse me for my bad English, I'm not a native English speaker so I'll just try to be as clear as possible.

    This is the situation, we have 3 different shipping rates based on location of the customer. 1 for the Netherlands, 1 for Europe and 1 for the rest of the world. Therefor I used the zone rates shipping module. And for some reason I must be overlooking something but I can't find out what.

    ZC does indeed calculate the shipping costs based on the location of the customer and it takes the values I put in, but it only takes the first 2 values and if it is more than that it just multiplies the second value. For example when a customer orders a necklace that weighs 120grams, ZC calculates the shipping costs like this:
    Shipping to NL (3 x 44.00g)
    So it just takes 3 times the price that correspondents with the 50 value, wich is more than when it would take the price for 250.
    And this is what I have in the shipping table:

    Calculation method is weight and for handling I tried order and box, but no difference noticeable.

    Anyone here. who has an idea of what could going wrong? I'm clueless

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    Default Re: Problems with Zone Rates shipping module

    Go to the Configuration ... Shipping/Packaging ...

    Change the Tare Rates to [B]0:0/B] ...

    Change the Maximum Weight to 5000
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    Default Re: Problems with Zone Rates shipping module

    Thank you, that solved the problem



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