I'm trying to get the Google Merchant Center Product Feed to work on my store. One of the tips the readme file says is:

"This module supports adding required fields as attributes to your products (you can set them to display only and then modify your template to not show display only attributes). Supported attributes are: Size, Color, Age Group, Gender, Material, Pattern, UPC, ISBN, EAN, and Google Product Category. Please use these exact names when creating your Option Names in Zen Cart."

My first question is on adding the attributes. In the Option Name Manger, I am just going to add all those attributes globally to all of my products and mark them as readonly attributes (Let me know if this is incorrect too). I don't know how to modify the template to not show display only attributes.

I also have the Stock By Attributes mod loaded, so I don't know if I should do what it says above. Because the readme also says:

"Alternatively, if you have Stock by Attributes (SBA) installed and you need for a single product to support multiple options (i.e. Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL), create stock combinations in SBA and GMCF will automatically create variants for each stock combination"

I'm guessing I would modify the attributes.php file, but what code would I use? Has anyone done this already and is willing to share the code snippet?