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    Default Two questions: Change email to admin notifications / No merchant account

    Hi there. I briefly used ZenCart in the past, but it was very brief. We never went anywhere with it. The Operations Manager asked me about a shopping cart on our website again, so we can try and sell off a lot of our clothing samples. So, I'm re-visiting the idea. We don't currently accept website orders. We only do wholesale and the orders come in through our sales reps via e-mail or fax usually, sometimes a stack of orders snail mailed to us if someone had a show going on.

    So, I've installed Version 1.5.0 of ZenCart and have no problems so far. In the end I'm unsure if the Operations Manager will want to use it, but at least I thought I could set it up in the background and show it to her. Right now I just have something basic (no template customization other than removing a few boxes) with about 40 products in a few categories. Two questions:

    1 - I set myself/my email as admin. I guess when I installed ZenCart I used another generic email where the other e-mails go.. you know orders coming through, etc. In addition to the regular e-mail that our Operations Manager receives, she receives email from this generic mailbox as well. So, she's receiving notifications that I changed some admin settings in ZenCart. Where do I change that? She doesn't need to receive those.. I'm the only one who handles the website and since I'm still setting things up I don't need her receiving a crap load of e-mails that I did this or that.

    2 - I know there's a bunch of payment modules. Instead of processing payments online, can I just have it e-mail us the order details? We have our own credit card processing machine here and the company is very old fashioned. They don't really want the whole thing to be processed online. They don't want to open another merchant account or a PayPal account. They just want it to take the information, subtract the item from the quantity, and then e-mail the order/payment details to that generic e-mail address. We'd only send this link to our current customers, so we'll probably have all their information on file anyway in case they typed something wrong.

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    Default Re: Two questions: Change email to admin notifications / No merchant account

    1) When you sign into your admin account, go to Admin Access Management->Admin Users. You can edit the email address associated with your user (which is a Superuser) to reference your own email address so that your Operations Manager won't be bothered with the admin settings change stuff.

    2) Couldn't you just rename the "Cash on Delivery" payment module (and its associated instructions) to handle your customers' payments?

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    Default Re: Two questions: Change email to admin notifications / No merchant account

    I have the same problem about admin email notifications. Even if I set my email to the Superuser, the notifications arrive to the owner there any other place or code part i should check?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Two questions: Change email to admin notifications / No merchant account

    I have this same issue. the email address for the superuser (me) is NOT the email that is receiving all the admin notifications. I want to shut the notifications off, or correct where those are directed to. Simply changing it in the Admin Access Management>Admin Users doesn't work, because that email is the correct one, yet they aren't going there.



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