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    Default Moneris Payment Module - URL's

    I have installed the Moneris Payment Module v1.24 in the latest version of Zen Cart.
    Using the DirectPost Method.
    I am having trouble finding the correct Approved URL and Declined URL to put into the Moneris eselect system.
    I am in the test mode right now and the order goes to Moneris but the order is not returned to Zen Cart... Can someone explain how to find the correct approved URL?
    Currently I have it set as:
    Can someone please shed some light on this for me? :)

    Thank you so much...


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    Default Re: Moneris Payment Module - URL's

    Just in ase someone is looking at this thread as I was, it should be pointed to http://.......index.php?main_page=checkout_process. Checkout_process is responsible for postign and confirming that a transaction is complete. When all successfull, then user are redirected to success page.



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