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    Default Google Products Shopping Feed Attributes Add-on

    Is there any community contributed add-on that is like this one from Pro-Webs:

    This module will add new required fields for data export in your Google shopping data feed for Google Product search. This module adds newly required fields. This module DOES NOT export the Google data feed.

    I have google_base_froogle_feeder_1-12-5 installed. After uploading to Google, the majority of the errors Iím getting are with the attributes. Iíve tried manually adding the attributes (such as gender and age group) myself as read-only attributes, but the data export doesnít seem to recognize them. So I'm thinking that there MUST be another add-on to just add the required attributes. If there isn't a free add-on, I guess I can pay Pro-Webs to install it for me.

    Suggestions? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Google Products Shopping Feed Attributes Add-on

    Problem solved. It seems I don't need this add-on for my Google data feed to work. No need to reply. :)



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