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    help question add to cart button - GONE

    Hi All,

    I'm new and playing around with the shop... I lost the add to cart button

    I need assistance as I would like the shop to look like this
    but I am having no such look.....

    the shop I am doing is at if anyone can give me some assistance or advice then I would be so much appreciated as I have until the end of April to go live officially.

    best Wishes

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    Default Re: add to cart button - GONE

    Sorry, I don't understand your question. If you want the sites to look identical you'll (at least) have to make the images, including buttons, from the first site available to the second site

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    Default Re: add to cart button - GONE

    Thanks for the reply.... since my post I figured out how I removed the add to cart button. Its back again but I am struggling with how to remove the 'zencart logo, the background and the Sales Message Here' bits..

    Again thanks for your response

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    Default Re: add to cart button - GONE

    A quick search in the FAQs/Tutorials area brings up this article:

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