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    Default Status not going to DELIVERED

    I am using zen cart 1.5.0. This is an upgrade from 1.3.0, but, the upgrade was done by loading 1.5.0 and then reloading the database. 99% is working. My problem is with Paypal express checkout.

    I have modified the paypalwpp.php file as suggested in another thread about blank address ... entry #21 in that thread.

    The setup is a virtual store, there is no shipping. The store downloads ebooks. The assumption, if paypal express succeeds, the visitor can download his/her ebook.

    On the Paypal configuration, I configured to "Set Order Status: Delivered," on completion of paypal payment.

    When an order is completed, the PayPal account is credited with the price of the book, but, the zen-cart indicates that it is waiting "PENDINGREVIEW," and does remains in the pending state, rather than going to the "Delivered."

    PLEASE, can anyone help. I have looked at the code. I have followed the log files and paypalwpp.php code through to "PayPal test Log - terminateEC-A" at the end of ec_step2 - 3" and it goes on to terminateEC('', false, checkout_process) everything looks good to this point.

    In checkout_process it goes on to send a notification to the purchaser that the purchase is complete at send_order_mail (I think), the notification that purchase has completed does arrive at the purchaser. But, looking at the log, it still shows that the transaction is pending paymentreview. Also, the download link does not become visible (because of the pending state in the My Accounts area).

    The last message debug message I recieve is 'IPN NOTICE :: "Pending payment review" transaction for existing order. No action required. Waiting for PayPal to complete their Payment Review. Do not ship order until review is completed.'

    PLEASE, does anyone know what I might be doing wrong that I am still PENDING PAYMENT REVIEW?

    Last edited by coastalwanderer; 28 Apr 2012 at 01:58 AM. Reason: Left out important fact about modification of paypalwpp.php

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    Default Re: Status not going to DELIVERED

    I'm bad. Paypal Sandbox has a configurable setting to force PENDING PAYMENT REVIEW.

    Thank you for ignoring my ignorance.

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    Default Re: Status not going to DELIVERED

    Quote Originally Posted by coastalwanderer View Post
    Thank you for ignoring my ignorance.
    It wasn't ignored. You simply managed to identify the problem before anyone had a chance to.

    Thanks for posting the update. It has saved many a needless response. :)




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