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    Default Copy Attributes of an Option


    I hope my mod works fine and it helps you to easier administrate the attributes.

    If you have some questions or suggestions please feel free to post them here or contact me.

    best greetz

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    Default Re: Copy Attributes of an Option

    First, many thanks to Enzo for this module. I think it's just what I've been looking for, though need to test it first to make sure.

    But... I can't get it to work. I'm running Zencart 1.3.9h PHP 5.2.17.

    I've installed quite a few modules, over 40 on various zencart systems, so have checked all the usual things and don't think it's an installation problem.

    After starting attributes_controller.php I get asked to select a category from a drop list as usual, but when I select one the screen just goes blank.

    Any help would be appreciated.



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