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    Default new site v150 English doesn't seem to work correctly with v139 French

    Bonjour, This is a new install for a bilingual website. I already have a website that uses v138 English and French, and they work perfectly together. For the new site, I installed v150 Zen Cart in English and the latest version in French, which is v139. There are missing texts and menus in the admin module in French, as well as missing elements in the template, like buttons. Should I downgrade to to an earlier version of Zen Cart (and if so, is there a way to do it without losing all the settings?) or is there a better alternative? Merci!!

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    Default Re: new site v150 English doesn't seem to work correctly with v139 French

    Some big changes have been made to the LANGUAGE files in Admin.

    You MIGHT be able to resolve your issue by looking at the english.php file(s) for 1.5, and COMPARING them with the files for French 1.3.9

    Then, make a COPY of admin/includes/languages/english.php on your home computer...

    Then, RE-NAME it to french.php

    Then, EDIT ALL THE DEFINES to use French words - look at the french.php 1.3.9 file to see what's already being used.

    Alternatively, use WINMERGE to highlight all differences between the two files, and then make your french.php file MATCH UP with the new 1.5 english.php file, ensuring of course to put FRENCH WORDS into the defines.

    This MIGHT work... There could be other files that influence language behaviour.
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    Default Re: new site v150 English doesn't seem to work correctly with v139 French

    Right. You'll need to supply the definitions that are missing from your outdated language pack.

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