How can I make my All Products and New Products items look like the ones on the category pages? I managed to tweak them so that the image, manufacturer's name, etc., are in the middle of the line (I'm only doing 1 item per line) and the description is below. However, what I need is to have the image on the left, with the description following after it.

Also, how can I increase the font of the text descriptions, and put in paragraphs so that the entire thing doesn't run together in one huge ungainly mess that's impossible to read?

Once I've managed can I get the first 20 or so All Products to show up, in random order, in the same format on my index page? That's the only thing, other than a few text links, that I want in the body of my index page.

Please note: I'm great with html, but I am a php MORON, so please type veeeery slowly so that I can understand your response. Thank you!