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    Default Can I check whether a customer has an account, from outside the store?


    My company is currently working on a phone app, we are trying to do an authentication which will compare customers within the ZEN-CART database.

    Is there a simple way to create a .PHP file outside the zencart files, to connect to the SAME database, and confirm username(email) and password of customers?

    We just need a simple Pass / Fail returned back to our phoneapp. If they fail, we'll send them to the web browser signup page located on our online shopping cart. If success, they will login to app to use the features.

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    Default Re: Can I check whether a customer has an account, from outside the store?

    There's not a built-in feature for that.

    And there are security features built-in to specifically prevent probing for existence of customer accounts using various criteria, as a safeguard against hacking and malicious activity and for protecting customer privacy.

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