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    Default CSS file from class.cj_loader.php does not display

    I need some help to figure out why my stylesheet is not displaying. My apologies if this has been asked elsewhere, please point me to that thread if so as I was not able to find it.

    Basically I'm moving a ZC install (1.3.8) from one server to another. The new server only has PHP 5.3, so I am forced to patch the 1.3.8 install with the patch found here:

    I have uploaded all the files and databases, then applied the patch, however the link generated by the "class.cj_loader.php" that displays the CSS file seems to be pointing to a file which does not exist.

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    Default Re: CSS file (style.css) does not display

    I've read this may be a problem with the cache system (though iv'e already tried fix_cache_key.php) or perhaps the .htaccess file, but I'm just not sure what else I can check to troubleshoot this issue.



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