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    Default Email on Purchase Confirmation

    Hello there -

    I've been doing some fairly adept alterations to Zen Cart this past little while - adding additional layers of log-in capability etc. - but I seem to have hit a road-block with a custom email alteration I'm trying to attempt.

    I'm trying to find the file that calls on the email function upon a customer successfully purchasing a product. I would like to add a second email with different details to be sent to the company sales team, but I really just need to find the location that triggers the email to be sent. I have checked the checkout_payment, checkout_confirmation, and checkout_process page structures to no avail.. perhaps I'm missing something? Any help is of great value - thanks in advance!!

    -fellow Zenner

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    Default Re: Email on Purchase Confirmation

    This might shed a little light on your subject ...

    Hare Do - Does the rabbit beat Zen "never".
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