Hi everyone:

I follow these steps to changes my product's meta tags:

1. In admin, click the biohazard button for Mixed Product Types category, at this time the button is black

2. Write something in meta description, save; biohazard button automatically turns orange

3. Click again the biohazard button for Mixed Product Types category, delete everything so that all meta boxes are empty; save

4. Biohazard button is now black, which is expected. But if you go to store, click the Mixed Product Types category, you see nothing in browser's title bar, except maybe "Mozilla Firefox". Meta tags are empty in page source. So that's why I think Zen Cart remains in "custom tags" state.

Everything seems to be right. The biohazard button change from black to orange, but when I go and view my product pages. There is no tags at all.

And I used the above 4 steps to add meta-tags on the whole product catagory, it works; but not on a single product.

Can anybody help.

Again, appreciated for your time. Thanks.