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    Default Images not updating... help!

    Disclaimer: I am very very new to Zencart.

    My Problem: I wanted to change the always-free-shipping.gif that was built into the theme that I am using, so I uploaded my replacement image (an identically named gif) to the images folder in my template's subdirectory, overwriting the old file. However, when I refresh the page, the original image still loads, except it is compressed into the dimensions of the new image that I uploaded.

    I though it could be a browser cache/cookies issue, but ruled that out. Any ideas what this could be? Here is an example of this on my site:

    Also, I should mention that I am using Cloudflare with this site... though I have already cleared the Cloudflare Cache and the issue persists.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Images not updating... help!

    When i hover my mouse over the image and right mouse click: View image info ..includes/templates/crista_blue/images/225x15xalways-free-shipping.gif.pagespeed.ic.2xp7IwSzQd.png

    Should be named this:
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