I am working on a flooring website and I am trying to set up their products so that the each product is purchased as "units" and each units has a specific square footage value which is set at a certain price. See example 1 below...

Example 1:
"maple comes in boxes of 125sqft per box(unit) but is priced at $10/sqft. so 2 units would equal 250sqft and $2,500"

I would like to display the pricing as per foot and have the customer just select the number of units they need then in the cart show it all added up. See example 2 below...

Example 2:
"Maple 125sq/ft per box [quantity box] Price: $10sq/ft" - Product Listing

"Maple 125sq/ft per box [#of Boxes(2 in this case)] x $10sq/ft Total sq/ft[2500] Total Price [$2,500] - Cart

Thanks for any assistance! Kind of on a time crunch.