I'm a new user, and don't know to much about PHP...just enough to figure a few things out..

I've added the referral code module for a special purpose, but need to give customers the ability to change what it reads in the account, and have successfully added the drop down to the account edit template, but it does not work correctly. It should be pulling the customer_info_id from the customer_info table, based on the sources_id in the sources table, along with the rest of the drop down list from the sources_name.

Currently it is just pulling the sources_name from the sources table no matter what I change. What am I doing wrong?

Here is the code from that I added:

<?php echo zen_get_source_list('sources_id', $entry->fields['update_customer_info_id'], 'id="sources_id" ' . ($flag_show_pulldown_sources == true ? 'onchange="update_customer_info(this.form);"' : '')) . (zen_not_null(ENTRY_SOURCE_TEXT) ? '<span class="alert">' . ENTRY_SOURCE_TEXT . '</span>': ''); ?>