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    Default Starting Again...

    Good Afternoon,

    I would like to start my website again, rather than upgrade, as I didn't make a particularly good job of it in the first place.

    I currently run (made with version 3.9) from my hosting root folder, and would like to put the new version in the same place. I have a few questions before I start:

    1. If I build it in a subfolder, how easy will it be to move the entire installation up one folder once completed (so that I can continue to run the old site until the new one is ready)?

    2. One of the current site's main flaws is the lack of SEO. From an SEO perspective, would it be better to have a website with zencart in a subfolder or optimise zencart?

    3. How difficult would it be to marry up the existing customer/order database with the new site?

    Thanks in advance for any advice

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    Default Re: Starting Again...

    First, you ARE doing an "upgrade" if you intend to keep any of your existing data. So don't try to convince yourself or anyone else that you're doing anything else.

    1. Easy, if you take good notes in your testing area so you can repeat it quickly when it comes time to go live.
    For more explanation of what I mean, see:

    2. SEO is about GOOD CONTENT. Everything else is fluff. Putting it in a subfolder (presumably you're considering this because you think adding additional static "landing pages" which point to your store is a "solution" ... when it's not) is just more needless work for search engines and will potentially penalize you.
    But SEO is something unrelated to your software upgrade.

    3. Easy. See #1 above.

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