Hi all,

I am using a mobile template. And now it have some layout problems compare with the same mobile template using on other web site.

I am look for there who can give me some tips which file control the categories.

The great and work one version there

The problems version there

P.S. Both we site other different is, miracle-mart.com are changed the categories layout by list by Man (Please press the bottom "Back to main site" to see the for Desktop version and then choose any categories to compare their different)

And I have using Firefox's Firebug to try find out what is wrong on the miracle-mart.com mobile version.
Find something maybe useful that anyone here can help me.

I discovered it miss some <div> tag
it is <div class="az-products-listing"> and
<div class="categoryListBoxContents">

I am 100% sure the mobile template files have above coding by using Zen Cart Back End Development Tools.

Then ... I am lose on their ..... what is wrong make like this error, and some like load this in the mobile template are <?php require($body_code); ?>

But.... where the $body_code it do there? and how I can find what files it is using?

Thank you very much.