I've been trying for a while, and I can't seem to fix the following problems:

My product pages show the rest products of the same category in a box under nav menu as following picture:
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When I click the "Back Button" or the "Next Button" to see another products in the box, the next 8 products will be showed. The picture of each product has been changed, but the product name is not changed, and still keep the products name of the first page. So the product name could not be related to the product picture. I have tried many many times to solve the problem, but in vain.

Please refer to the following details in pictures highlight:
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Please see this page as an example:

Also it seems that the flash page is controlled by Script Code. So I copy the code from my PHP file for reference:
PHP Code:
<?php for($i 0$i$flash_page_display_num $i++){?>

<li id="li<?php echo $i;?>" style="display:block;">

<a class="ih" id="cell_link<?php echo $i;?>" href="<?php echo zen_href_link(zen_get_info_page($flash_page_items[$i]['products_id']), 'products_id=' $flash_page_items[$i]['products_id']);?>"><?php echo zen_image_OLD(DIR_WS_IMAGES.$flash_page_items[$i]['products_image'],SEO_COMMON_KEYWORDS.' '.$flash_page_items[$i]['products_name'],86,86,'id="cell_img'.$i.'" class="'.(($flash_page_items[$i]['products_id'] == $_GET['products_id']) ? 'allborder':'').'"');?></a>

<p><a class="f_p_name" id="cell_name_link<?php echo $i ?>" href="<?php echo zen_href_link(zen_get_info_page($flash_page_items[$i]['products_id']), 'products_id=' $flash_page_items[$i]['products_id']);?>"><?php echo zen_clipped_string($flash_page_items[$i]['products_name'],' ',35); ?></a></p>

<p><strong id="cell_price<?php echo $i?>" class="white"><?php echo $currencies->display_price((zen_get_products_base_price($flash_page_items[$i]['products_id']) == zen_get_products_sample_price($flash_page_items[$i]['products_id']): zen_get_products_base_price($flash_page_items[$i]['products_id'])),zen_get_tax_rate($product_check->fields['products_tax_class_id'])); ?></strong></p>








<script type="text/javascript">

    var productTotal = <?php echo intval($flash_page->RecordCount());?>;

    var productCurrent = <?php echo intval(array_search($_GET['products_id'],$flash_page_id_con));?>;

    var productID = new Array();

    var productPrice  = new Array();

    var productIMG  = new Array();

    var productName  = new Array();

    var imgURL = baseURL+'images/';

    var linkURL = baseURL+"index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=";

    var productSourcePrice = null;

    var productSubName = null;

    var productName = null;

    <?php ?>

    var productFlg = null;    

    productID = [<?php echo $flash_page_id;?>];

    productPrice = [<?php echo $flash_page_price;?>];

    productIMG = [<?php echo $flash_page_images;?>];

    productName = [<?php echo $flash_page_name;?>];

    page_go('recent_flash_small','8', productCurrent, productTotal, '<?php echo $_GET['products_id']?>');

I don't learn php code and script code. I apologize for the questions. Any help will be appreciated!