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    Default No IH3?

    Dear Forum-

    I have dutifully installed the various files from the latest distribution of Zencart as well as an accessory template, all of which work quite well both on the administrative level as well as the public. Here is the URL of the copy I am working with, and as you can see, everything is working superbly:

    The last step I chose to take was to install the latest distribution of I IH3, which, incidentally, should come as part of the installation package of Zencart to begin with, by virtue of the sheer utility of this tool. [Odd, really, that it does not, at this point in the Scart game!]

    After transferring all the files and double checking to see to it that each file was and is in the best of health, I dutifully made my way to the Administrative Section, looked in the drop down menu for anything referring to Image Handler, and had the proverbial 'No Luck' experience. Nothing to be seen apart from the default lineup of basic store utilities.

    If it makes any difference to the assembled parties, I have done a number of installations of this sort of software over the years, and am aware that mind and machine are both quite capable of playing tricks in the process. I did however strive with special diligence to account for each file as it was transferred, and that I read the instructions, as presented for IH3 in the current distribution, as well as consulting with the Server Group, who have nothing further to add to the present discussion.

    I have also taken the liberty of installing both Zencart and IH3 on two other separate occasions in the last 24 hours in an effort to get it all to work, and received, as mentioned above, the proverbial 'No Luck' dividend for my efforts.

    Hence the Question:
    My cart, template and server work superbly, why no IH3?

    Many thanks for your time and any insight you may have-


    PS I hope I am posting to the correct discussion for my question, if not, please advise-

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    Default Re: No IH3?

    There's ongoing discussion of IH4 for 1.5.x:



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