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    red flag [Not a bug] Can't login...

    When trying to log into my admin account today I entered my username and password as I did on my first run (this was my second time trying to log in). When ever I entered the information it would just say "Username or Password is wrong." I thought maybe I wrote it down wrong, so I clicked "resend password."

    Once I got my new password I tried to log in, but it wouldn't let me I tried it about 6 more times before coming here. If anyone has a solution, please tell me. (I have full access to the files via my websites control panel, but I can't get into the zen cart admin panel).

    My store is here
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    Default Re: Can't login...


    I guess I just had to give it a few minutes to adjust or what ever, but it works fine.

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    Default Re: Can't login...

    Thanks for confirming that this indeed NOT a bug report, despite having been posted in the Bug Reports section.

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