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    Default Generic "Warning: an error occured"


    So I made a mistake in using some weird backwards way of moving zen cart from a folder to a domain, and I ended up having to restore via backup.
    A few changes had to be made to the site, including restoring the Database and creating the db user for it, thus reuploading includes/configure.php.

    But for whatever reason, I can't access Zen Cart from the admin side.
    I get the generic "Warning: an error occured, please refresh the page and try again".

    I checked for help, and then I checked the debug logs.
    The latest one says this:

    [15-May-2012 10:31:35] PHP Fatal error: 0B_ERROR_NOT_CONNECTED :: delete from znc_db_cache in /home2/shopzoom/public_html/zen-cart/includes/classes/db/mysql/query_factory.php on line 101

    So i'm guessing it has to do with how my Database is configured?
    Any guesses?


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    Default Re: Generic "Warning: an error occured"

    Wow, I just got it, nevermind, I'm sorry!
    I forgot to edit the admin's config file.
    I feel totally stupid. Thanks anyway!



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