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    Default Conflict with Agora?

    Not sure this is a bug as it is mentioned during a part of the install. If this is the wrong area, i apologize.

    I admit that I did not follow the directions to a "T" during the install when it mentioned the part about installing multiple shopping carts on the same server. I'm paying for it now and I swear I've learned my lesson.

    Here is the problem... I'm having an issue where I have Agora Cart setup running an online store. Well, I installed ZC on the same server but they both have completely different "ecommerce" directories. They only share the same root directory folder of "public html". After that, they each go their own way (or so I thought). So, I was fine when adding products to the new ZC store until this afternoon. When I tried adding a product to the ZC store and got to the part where it allows you to "preview" the new entry before "updating", it takes me to the root url for my AgoraCart store. In this case it showed a page with "Parent directory" and then one of the sub directories of "AC" that I created.

    This happened an hour or so ago and I've since tried it again and it seemed to allow me to add the product normally. Is there a reason this would have occurred and should it be a concern for me in the future? Once the new ZC store is up, the other will be completely removed. Thanks in advance for any and all help!

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    Default Re: Conflict with Agora?

    I suspect that the one-time flip to your AC page was likely a result of an incomplete page load or other timeout while browsing. I don't see how it would flip back and forth occasionally but not consistently. If it was consistently I'd blame your admin/includes/configure.php settings.

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    Default Re: Conflict with Agora?

    Well, that is a bit reassuring. Thank you. I suppose I'll press on with what we have going and if it happens again I'm sure I'll be back with follow up questions. I was mainly curious if anyone had experienced something similar. Thank you again for the input!



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