Ok so I set up a coupon that is automatically sent to customers when they register on the site. Eerything is working fine on the user end.

However, my client found some anomalies in the Admin.

PAGE: Gift Certificate/CouponsCoupon --> Gift Certificates sent

#1 - The amount says $10 when the discount is for 10%.
#2 - Everytime someone registers, it records the coupon sent in the Gift Certificate Sent page. The problem is that when a new record is created, it changes the 'sent to' e-mail address on ALL the previous sent coupons to the newly registered user's e-mail address. Also, if the code was redeemed by one customer, all the records of this discount code show as REDEEMED.

Is the coupon even supposed to show in this list?

Just thought I'd bring this up. It's not an emergency fix since it is working fine on the user end but it is an anomaly on the admin side.